What is Melatonin?

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Dr Guttman

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally released in your brain. This is a major component of your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which regulates sleep and wake cycles. Some scientists argue that these substances are responsible for the decrease in metabolism that takes place before falling asleep. While melatonin is released, the body temperature and blood flow to the brain decreases, and our muscles slowly lose the tension and slack.

As people age, their bodies begin to produce melatonin levels are lower, when that happens, the ability to fall asleep – and stay asleep – can be inhibited. This is why it’s not unusual at all for people who are middle-aged and older have a sleep problem.

Melatonin has several benefits. There are:

1• The role of melatonin seem to control sleep and wake cycles. This allows the brain to regulate the internal clock and sleep cycles and wakefulness.Ini used as a SLEEP AID by people who suffer from jet lag and is a reliable and safe to fall asleep.
For the appropriate use of melatonin is very important to know which supplement use (regardless of brand), the dose and especially with what other natural supplement should be consumed to be effective.

2• Melatonin is a super antioxidant, with greater effectiveness than vitamin C, vitamin E or beta-carotene.Melatonin helps to PREVENT OXYDATION in cells that can also help in preventing the disease might be a heart attack, stroke and some cancers. Many age-related diseases have been associated with decreased melatonin.

3• Melatonin also stimulates the immune system and has a major role in the production of sex hormones such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Both are needed in the right amount to keep your weight within normal guidelines. Lack of melatonin can be replaced with a natural supplement melatonin as a natural weight loss supplement.

Although melatonin may help in weight loss and is essential for maintaining good health, because you can see it has many uses anymore. Some people should not take melatonin supplements at this time until further studies are done and they are included, pregnant and lactating mothers. Others who do not have to take it included people with autoimmune disorders, leukemia, cancer of the immune system and healthy people with adequate amounts of melatonin produced naturally. Since this is a miracle weight loss supplements are also naturally, only be taken usually by adults 40 and over.

The conclusion of melatonin are necessary for our well being.

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